Get Your Tall Ride On With a Lift Kit for Trucks

Ford F-150 with Rough Country 6IN FORD SUSPENSION LIFT KIT
The basic purpose of a 6 inch lift kit is to gain additional clearance for a truck. A suspension lift kit gets the extra clearance by suspending the frame, body, engine and power train above the wheels increasing the distance between the axels and the chassis. Installation is fairly complex and if your truck is still under warranty, installing a lift kit may void part or all of that factory warranty.

SEP 16, 2020

So, what do you get aside from an extra six inches of ground clearance for your truck?

For starters, 6 extra inches will allow you to clear smaller terrain features like small boulders and logs that may have otherwise threatened your undercarriage. Just as important, the extra height allows you to take on steeper approach, breakover and departure angles.

Putting an extra 6 inches between your chassis and axel means you can accommodate much larger tires which will give you better performance and a smoother ride on the trail and on your daily ride.

And of course, there’s the look. Lift kits separate your truck from the rest of the pack by giving you an awesomely cool looking tall ride. Aside from giving you amazingly better visibility when navigating freeway or surface street traffic, your lift kit will get people noticing you.

Lift kits are one of the most complex accessories that you will ever install on your truck. You want a kit made by a reputable, experienced manufacturer who can provide a lift kit designed and engineered specifically for your make, model and year. There are many lift kit manufacturers and it’s impossible to say who is the best. It all depends on how you use your ride. Some are great for daily drives, others work better for off-road or rough work conditions, while still others are better for racing or show trucks.

When you start checking them out, you will quickly learn that buying a kit is like buying a truck, there are always upgrades available. Make sure you know what you really want and keep a close watch on your budget.

Here is a quick list of some of the most popular 6 inch lift kit for Trucks available:

Rough Country 6" Ford Suspension Lift Kit (15-20 F-150 4WD)

Rough Country

One of the most popular and affordable entry level lift kits, Rough Country has a 6” lift kit for every model F Series. 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive that Ford builds. The same can be said for all the major truck manufacturers and they generally cost under $1000. Durability is about the same as more expensive kit makers but ride quality suffers a bit by comparison.

Fabtech 6" Performance System w/Front Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilovers & Rear Dirt Logic Shocks(15-20 F-150 4WD)


Based in Chino, CA Fabtech is a leading manufacturer of all things suspension including 6 inch lift kits for trucks. Their latest design for the F 150 is awesome and includes Dirt Logic coilovers giving the Ford incredible handling and ride quality. Fabtech is pricey because they go all out on their top end products but also have kits for those on slimmer budgets.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 6"-8" Suspension Lift Kits - Torsion Drop Stage 1 (2011-2019 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500 HD/3500 HD 2WD & 4WD Credits)

ICON Vehicle Dynamics

ICON makes a variety of lift kits but if you own a 2011 or newer Chevy Silverado, and you’ve got a pretty much full service garage at home, and a free weekend, and a couple of buddies, you can jack that truck up 6 to 8 inches with an ICON kit. That investment will not only make you the tallest truck in the neighborhood but give your ride incredible handling and ride quality on and off-road. 

Pro Comp 6" Lift Kit with Pro-Runner Shocks  (2014-2018  GMC 1500)


PRO COMP takes great pride in its world-class manufacturing processes snd offering “complete” lift kits. Cast and CNC-machined knuckles and laser-cut, CNC-formed, robotically welded cross members are carefully tested and inspected and are the foundation for many of their suspension kits, But what sets them apart are the little things you didn’t know you needed until you were elbow deep in the installation like brake line extensions, longer bump stops, and sway bar drop brackets. If you want a kit that is fully thought out, and built with fanatical attention to quality control then you have to take a look at PRO COMP truck lift kits.

Superlift Suspension 6" Lift Kit  (16-20 Toyota Tacoma 2WD & 4WD)

Superlift Suspension

Built for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Superlift is all about “perfecting the art of reliability using specialized products.” Superlift makes a range of aftermarket accessories but truck lift kits are their bread and butter and has been since the 1970s. Superlift has 4” to 8” lift kits for a wide range of makes and models and is priced in the middle or a little under the market average.

If you are ready to add a lift kit for your truck, make sure you know exactly what you want. There are plenty of online communities that can help you with their experiences and if you give us a call at we’ll be happy to share our opinion as well.