What is the Best Suspension Lift Kit for Your Off-Road Vehicle?

2017 Jeep Wrangler (Jeep Badge of Honor)
If you are planning to change the appearance of your truck or off-road vehicle, one of the best ways to do that are suspension lift kits. Just a 2-inch lift can immensely transform your vehicle, even beyond recognition. To know the lift kit that works best for your off-road vehicle, you must understand why you need the suspension. Here are some kits from top brands in the automobile industry, such as Pro Comp, Air Lift, and more. These different types of lifts have been assembled to make sure you continue to tinker. 
JAN 18, 2019

Which is the ideal lift for you and your vehicle?

Here are our picks for the best suspension Lift Kits For Your Off-Road Vehicle:

Pro Comp K3055 2″ Lift Kit with Coil and ES3000 Shocks for Jeep TJ/ LJ ’97-’06

1. Pro Comp K3055 2″ Lift Kit with Coil and ES3000 Shocks for Jeep TJ/ LJ ’97-’06

One of the best suspension lift kits for your off-road vehicle is the Pro Comp K3055 2″ Lift Kit. It features a sophisticated reservoir shock. It has a unique monotube shock absorbing mechanism which is exclusive to this lift kit, and it is very flexible. Using the Reservoir Shock, you can upgrade your vehicle without jettisoning active steering and overall response to coordination. If you need a suspension lift kit to balance the height of your vehicle's voyaged or to amplify your vehicle's capability to travel off-road, this is a product you can count on with good track records of suspension mechanisms. Evidently, its speed-supporting contents qualify it as one of the best suspension lift kits useful in off-road situations. Setting it up could take about three to four hours.

2007 - 2018 Rough Country Jeep JK Wrangler 3.5" 4 Door Series II Suspension Lift Kit Part #609S

2. Rough Country 609S 3.5″ Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country 609S 3.5″ Suspension Lift Kits also another one of the best suspension lift kits for your off-road vehicle that you can come by. It is one of the costliest means of tuning-up your vehicle with substantial quantities of kits. Most of its equipment gives not less than 4.5 to 4.75 inches of lift. They are referred to as gaming stands because you need particular fortifications and often calls for cutting the frame to finish the installations. In as much as you are capable of setting up the kits, tubes and tire frames, and you do not mind the weighty off-road capability, Rough Country 609S 3.5″ is one of the top suspension leveling kits you can bank on. That is why it is a well-known brand. Be wary though, because since it heightens the center of gravity of your vehicle, it might topple over in off-road situations

Air Lift 25592 Compressor Systems

3. Air Lift 25592 Compressor Systems

The Air Lift suspension system ranks among the easiest and the best suspension lift kits for your off-road vehicle. They are contemporary and robust systems that offer fortification for all makes of trucks, SUVs and even Vans. The driving force in this lift kit is the alterable air spring. All you need is to pump in some air to the level, and it delivers excellent hoisting to your vehicle's rig when you are racing on bad roads. The exciting thing about this lift kit is that it is flexible enough to change the configuration and reduce the height of the vehicle to default without any tool or you can use any compressor kit you can see. What is the unique thing about this product? The flexibility! It makes it possible and convenient to raise and strengthen the suspension ability of many trucks. With this suspended lift kit, you can add to the carriage strength of your vehicle to between 1000 and 5000 pounds, depending on the particular type of Air Lift suspension kit you buy. Air Lift 25592 Compressor System is one of the top suspension leveling kits that guarantees excellent handling and control of your vehicle when installed.

Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4″ Lift Pallet Kit

4. Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4″ Lift Pallet Kit

The Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4″ Lift Pallet Kit, deserves this spot on our list of best suspension lift kits for your off-road vehicle. Its efficient leveling kits are used by a lot of expert off-road truck drivers in competitions and games. With this suspension lift kit, your vehicle will traverse the road with full force that will transition you to the next stage in truck driving. When it comes to suspension lift kits that can deliver satisfactorily in competitions, you can count on Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4″ Lift Pallet Kit. The most relevant feature of this Kit is the sophisticated suspension control and adaptability to all types of trucks. This lift kit is among the top suspension leveling kits that give you the best control and steering required in an off-road cruise even as it provides the bump-less and convenient road driving qualities that you cherish.

Best Suspension Lift Kit For Your Off-Road Vehicle – Buying Guide

How Do Suspension Lift Kits Work?

A suspension lift kit improves the articulation and travel of the suspension. This add-on is used for raising the suspension of a vehicle by replacing the front and back leaf springs as well as its shocks. Besides, lift kits enable the tires to accommodate taller tires. Installing taller tires need higher vertical clearance between the ground and the axles of a vehicle. Factors you should consider are the purpose of lifting, the type of vehicle you are lifting, the size of the tires and how much money you want to spend on the lifting. An elevation kit can positively or negatively affect how you drive your vehicle.

Type of Vehicle

When shopping for elevation lift kits, choose by type of vehicle. Compare lift and suspension options for your vehicle. Also, decide the features that are important to you and those that are not. Some elevators make your suspension less flexible and create a rougher ride; others can be combined with other improvements in suspension so that your SUV or truck rides smoother.

Look at the Components

Check the suspension components are included in the lift kit. Different kits come with various items such as adapters and shocks. Also, in addition to the basic costs of lifting equipment, you will buy some extra parts to make your truck work properly. So put this into consideration, as it would not be wise to buy a lift kit that is $100 cheaper, then spend $200 purchasing additional parts to make it work well.

The Size of Elevator You Want in Your Vehicle

The size of the lift will determine how much you will spend as well as the modifications you will have to perform on your truck to make it run properly. The higher the elevation, the more expensive it will be. You can get forklifts between several hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the size. Typically, the sizes range from two inches to more inches.


Make sure about the space if you are lifting your vehicle since you would be putting larger, off-road tires. You will have to ensure that the lift offers you enough space for the tires so that it will not rub against the panels of the body.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best suspension lift kits for your off-road vehicle, you must critically look into some factors, like the type of vehicle you drive, the rationale behind raising the truck's body, how you use your vehicle, and how big are your tires. But most importantly, is it within your budget? These are what I have put together in compiling this of the best suspension kits for your trucks. Keep tinkering!