Top Rated 6 Inch Lift Kits for your Off-Road Vehicle

Dynatrac Front ProRock 44 for 2007+ Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (Rubitrux)
Lift kits for off-road vehicles elevate the suspension of your vehicles so that you can thread the most rugged terrains and coast down the most terrible off-road corridors you can ever get. With lift kits, you can use decidedly bigger wheels and tires with no need of fretting about ground clearance. 
APR 02, 2019

Lift Kits for Off-Road Vehicles

When revamping your off-road vehicle upgrading to an LED grille or tire size or wheels, is nice but adding height with a 6-inch lift kit is best! There is quite a myriad of reasons that prompt people to personalize their trucks with lift kits and some things to know before getting it purchasing it.

If you are an ace driver who has traveled through all sorts of road surfaces and understood your truck more than anything else or even if you're a newbie truck driver who wants to have a high-performing truck that ready for any terrain, then here are some of the top rated 6 inch lift kits for off-road vehicle

1. Pro Comp 6″ Stage II Lift Kit with ES9000 Shocks

Any professional truck driver can never undermine the incredible ability of the Pro Comp's Stage II 6 inch lifts, which include their world-famous ES9000 front and rear shocks. This company is known for giving just what is stipulated in their manual, and they have not compromised with these 6 inch lift kits for off-road vehicles as well.

Built especially for the 2017 Ford F-150, Ford F-250, and Ford F-350, Pro Comp's Stage II lift kits offer one of the smoothest rides for drives that are looking to boost their Ford's suspension clearance. Included with every kit are radius arm upgrades constructed out of precision laser cut 3/16" steel with a durable powder coat finish. Ultimately, this kit ticks all the boxes for what we look for in a truly all-in-one lift kit making it an excellent choice for any skill level.

2. KSport Kontrol Pro-Lift Kit

KSport Kontrol kits offer the best in a suspension system for your truck whether you are on or off the road. With up to 36 layers of damping alterations Kontrol Pro suspension kits enable fine-tuning of the damper to conform to maneuvering and convenience needs. The damping alterations vary in compression and rebound, one after the other to deliver more control. Their driver-friendly configuration settings allow for on-the-fly adjustments.

It features collars and upper mounts fabricated from durable aluminum for superior toughness and strength. All KSport’s spring perches, locking collars, top mounts are strong and built to enhance the performance of large 6 inch lifts.

Additionally, these suspension kits feature an electroplated body that gives extra protection from rust and corrosion. It has a single-tube iron design that reduces the leakage of oil from the kit meaning a KSPort Kontrol Pro lift kit always ready for the long haul no matter the conditions.

3. Pro Comp Suspension Lift Kits with ES9000 Shocks

No one knows large truck lifts quite like Pro Comp, which is why even their Stage I lift kits make it into our top 5. Selling for around a thousand dollars, this makes Pro Comp's Stage I one of the most budget-friendly 6in lifts on the market. Included int the kit is an ES9000 gas-charged twin-tube front and rear shocks and struts, as well as a front lift and rear leaf spring as its primary lift component.

Since this a Stag I lift kit there are several components you may have to pick up separately such as an extended brake line and shock boots. However, with its high-quality materials and relatively low price tag, the Pro Comp Stag I 6in lift kits are excellent for a simple and budget-friendly lift.

Dynatrac Front ProRock 44 for 2007+ Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (Photo Credits)

4. Dynatrac Front ProRock 44 for 2007+ Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (AEV Lift Specific)

Dynatrac Front ProRock 44 Unlimited was fabricated uniquely for the Jeep Wrangler JK. This brand has included steering caster wired in to maintain the right steering angles on JKs increased from 2.5 inches to 6 inches. The shock mounts have also been repositioned for enhanced shock-to-frame clearance with complete movement.

It is a USA product with American quality and is adaptable to all ProRock 44 casings and assemblies. It is an efficient suspension kit that raises the truck very high with a thick wall tubing. This ProRock 44 is a 6-inch lift kit with a replacement casing is fabricated to leverage on the benefits of the more resilient “Next Generation” ones. These more recent gears and casings are more durable than their low-pinion members when set before a driving axle.

Extra-duty, metallic suspension kits are more durable and way stronger than the stock ones. If you desire to upgrade your shafts, locker and change ratios, DynatracProRock 44 lift kit for trucks has got you covered

5. Pro Comp Suspension Lift Kit with ES3000 Shocks

Do you care for a dynamic suspension lift kit for your truck that could go off-road and yet deliver the smooth, convenient and bump-less ride you cherish? Here is another one from Pro Comp, makers of high-quality truck lift kits.

This suspension kit features an A-arm bracket in the main front lift and a spacer for the one at the back. It comes with front shocks/struts with one dedicated for each wheel. The front and rear shocks are made of gas-charged twin-tube with no brake lines. It comes with hardware, and it is easy to set up right out of the box.

Buying Guide: 6 Inch Lift Kits for Off-Road Vehicles

For most beginners, one of the most essential uses of fixing a suspension ift kit to your truck is to gain additional ground clearance to ease climbing very steep or coasting down off-road and giving the vehicle an enhanced look. 6 in lift kits add to the style and class of a truck, and as well improves the performance of the truck.

There is common sense in using a lift kit on your vehicle when you are navigating through boulders, muddy areas, passing through deserts, or just meandering the forest in a range. Lift kits can sometimes be finicky to handle, as it occasionally elevates the truck’s center of gravity and this can reduce the ease of handling. Here are some of the things to know before buying any of the 6-inch lift kits for your off-road vehicle.

Select Based on Vehicle Type

Juxtapose the lift and suspension alternatives available for your vehicle. Determine the features that you consider relevant and unnecessary. Some lift kits can be used with other vehicle kits while still in suspension to give your truck a smoother sail while other lift kits do not allow for much adaptability and provide a bumpy ride.

How Much Can You Afford

Before dashing to the market for the purchase of any lift kits, the very first thing you will need to do is to determine the maximum amount you want to spend on your lift kits and don’t exceed it. Such maximum amount should be based on how well you want your truck to perform.

If what you care for is a lift kit that gives a very comfortable ride in spite of rugged terrains, then you should be prepared to spend more on high-end suspension lift kits. However, if what you need is just an enhanced look for your truck, a body lift is just the ideal one for you, as they are cheaper than suspension lift kits.

Confirm The Space Available

If you are raising your vehicle for the sole purpose of setting up bigger, off-road tires, it is crucial that you ensure the lift offers adequate space for the tires to touch the truck’s body and yet avoid brushing its body panel.

Check the Components

Lift kits come with diverse elements like shocks and adapters, this is especially true when it comes to 6 inch truck lift. When you consider the rough estimate of lift kits, always remember to factor in the extra parts you will need to purchase in a bid to allow it to function appropriately. For instance, a lift kit that is some dollar less than the other ones might not be advisable should you need to purchase costly additional parts to make it function.

How Easy is it to Set Up the Lift Kit

The ease of setting up the kit ought to inform your decision on which of the kits you will buy. Some truck lift kits can be easily installed while some other ones require technical expertise. If you have determined to set it up yourself, then you must be sure you really can. If you have a good knowledge of installation, then buying any type will not be a problem, but if you are a new truck driver with little experience in setting uplift kits, then it is advisable you buy the ones that can be easily installed.

How Big is the Lift Kit?

Changing lift kits for your truck is not what you can do once and call it a quits. To obtain the ideal size, it is expedient to keep changing it. How big you want your vehicle to appear will determine the lift kit you will buy.

Nevertheless, it is advisable you go for small lift kits for a start and make little changes to the trucks that you can handle. Besides, small lift kits can be easily manipulated and set up. Before buying larger kits, ensure you can drive and control your truck with such add-ons.


Body lift kits are one piece of incredible components, especially when you desire to use bigger tires either to enhance the appearance or to ply off-road corridors when the need for such arises. Immediately a kit affords bigger tires for your truck; this will, in turn, give your truck more excellent ground clearance.

6-inch lift kits for off-road vehicles also sport so many advantages over other types of suspension lift kits. Some of the benefits include the ease of setting up and the cheap cost of purchase than other types.