Top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2021 – Ripping Up Trails with Confidence

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: Toyota Tacoma on Fuel Off-Road BLOCK D751 wheels in a Matte Bronze Finish with a Black Ring
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MAY 21, 2021

In theory, the only parts of your off-road rig that are in regular contact with the terrain are your tires and those of course, are wrapped around your wheels where metal meets metal. While bouncing over ruts, stumps and rocks in your 4,449 lb. Wrangler Rubicon or 6,650 lb. F 150 Raptor, have you ever asked yourself just how strong your wheels are? Try riding on cracked wheels or wheels with such poor fitment that your oversized tires are rubbing the suspension every time you make a sharp turn. To make a human comparison, you want well-fitting hiking boots that are up to the challenge on your feet, not flip flops. You want to drive your off-road rig with confidence and that means you want the best off-road wheels available. If you'd like to take a look at our list from last year, click here.

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Here is a collection of the top Off-Road Wheels for 2021:

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: Black Rhino - Arsenal in Textured Matte Black Finish

Black Rhino Wheels - Arsenal

First on our list of the top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2021, is Black Rhino's Arsenal wheels. If you are looking for an awesome lightweight, durable wheel with generous negative offset, the cast, single piece aluminum alloy Black Rhino Arsenal is the wheel for you. Aggressive military good looks and styling, the Arsenal is available in 16” to 20” diameters with widths ranging 8”to 12”. With up to a -10 offset, you can add those oversized tires without the need for spacers or modifying your wheel wells. Looks awesome on Jeep Gladiators, Ford F 250s, Silverados and Toyota 4Runners.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: Dirty Life - Canyon Pro 9309 in Matte Black

Dirty Life Wheels - Canyon Pro

If you are a hard driver taking on every type of terrain and you want a wheel with the chops to handle the abuse, you want the new for 2021 Canyon Pro from Dirty Life Wheels. The Canyon Pro is a 17x9 rim available in multiple 5 and 6 bolt patterns. Engineered tough like all Dirty Life wheels, the Canyon Pro design will knock your socks off and the matte black, satin gold, and satin graphite finishes will give your ride a whole new look.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: KMC Wheels - KM720 Roswell in Matte Anthracite

KMC Wheels - KM720 Roswell

If motocross is the itch you need to scratch, check out the KMC line of rims. The first American team to win the Dakar Rally blasted across the Saudi desert on KMC wheels. Engineered for drivers who want the most from their machines, KMC introduces the KM720 Roswell for 2021. Double rugged racing design, the Roswell is available in 16x8 and 17x8.5 sizes with your choice of matte anthracite or satin black finish.


Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: Fuel Wheels - BLOCK D751 in Matte Bronze with Black Ring

Fuel Wheels - BLOCK D751

From the guys who have been delivering form and function to every segment of the off-road community from stock to lifts to UHVs, FUEL introduces the BLOCK rim for 2021. Our favorite finish for this classic five spoke design is the matte bronze with black ring finish. Stick a set of these on your Silverado. Available in 17x9 and 18x9 with 5 and 6 lug patterns and up to -12 offset, the BLOCK is just what you need to give your rig that sinister slick look.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: Method Race Wheels 105 V3 Beadlock in Gold

Method Race Wheels - 105 V3 Beadlock

Available in 17” diameter with 5 and 6 bolt patterns the 105 V3 Beadlock is designed for the serious off-road enthusiast. The iconic 12 window design features a machine finish forged 6061 aluminum beadlock ring and a reinforced inner lip and a 3600 lb. load rating. You’ll find these rims on Jeeps, Broncos, Toyota 4Runners and other hardcore off-road rigs.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: XD Wheels - XD861 Storm in Candy Red

XD Wheels - XD861 Storm

A separate line of KMC wheels, the XD rims are built with the same racing DNA but have finishes and fitments that make it a favorite of off-road racers, rock crawlers and mudders alike. The Storm is new for 2021 and is sure to catch everyone’s attention particularly in the candy red finish. An aggressive 8 window design available in 17- and 20-inch diameters with offsets up to -12, this rim is the perfect addition for the adventurous off-road enthusiast and for our list of the top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2021.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: ProComp Wheels - 252 Street Lock in Gloss Black

ProComp Wheels - 252 Street Lock

Maybe the best value in off-road wheels, the ProComp 252 Street Lock is a steel rim designed to handle the worst the trail can dish out. A unique casting technique, high quality materials, thicker welds and fitments engineered to maximize clearances make this competitively priced wheel a popular choice. The 10 window design with the decorative bolts on the rim comes with a limited warranty covering manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: Moto Metal Wheels - MO806 Talon in Gloss Black Machined

Moto Metal Wheels - MO806 Talon

Designed with the Southern California desert motocross crowd in mind, Moto Metal rims are made lightweight and durable, and the MO806 Talon is no exception. This is a big wheel available in 20-inch and 22-inch diameters with a six-bolt pattern. Eight machine finished spokes ride inside a gloss black barrel to provide the strength needed for negotiating the roughest terrain while delivering a smooth ride on pavement. Ideal for desert rigs who want a lightweight rim to minimize brake wear and rotor warp and for our list of the top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2021.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: TIS Wheels - 544 in Gloss Black w/Red Tinted CNC Milled Accents

TIS Wheels - 544

Single piece, cast aviation grade aluminum, lightweight and exceptionally durable, the TIS 544 is a hot looking high performing wheel for your off-road rig. An aggressive concave design with spokes connecting the rim with the barrel gives your ride a unique and exciting appearance. Especially good for desert rats who will appreciate how aluminum quickly dissipates heat reducing risk to brakes. The 544 is a big wheel ideal for rigs with lift kits installed and is available in 20” to 26” diameters with a variety of offsets.

Top Off-Road Wheels for 2021: RBP Wheels - 22RF Magnum with a Polished Finish

RBP Wheels - 22RF Magnum

Last on our of top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2021 is RBP's 22RF Magnum wheels. If you own a TJ/YJ Jeep Wrangler and its ready for a new set of awesome rims, you have to take a look at the RBP 22RF Magnum. A super tough forged wheel made specifically for 1985 – 2006 Wranglers, this rim comes as a 20x10 with a -12 offset and a load rating of 3200 lbs. Finished in gloss black with machined accents it features a classic six-spoke design that will give your older Wrangler a new lease on life.  

Buying custom wheels for your off-road ride can be tricky, particularly if you are pairing them up with new off-road tires as well. Make sure the vendor you use is reputable and staffed with knowledgeable customer service technicians to ensure a perfect fit.

And there you have it, iKnow Auto's Top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2021.